Leaving my Family - please say a prayer

Tomorrow I am packing my suitcase and leaving my children and husband. 8( There is a part of me that is sad and a part of me that can't wait to get to my destination! The RELEVANT Conference! I am leaving for 4 days and 3 nights to attend the Christian Women's blogging conference called Relevant. It's taking place in Hershey, PA - land of the Chocolate!

I am feeling such mixed emotions. I have never been away from my children (except giving birth) for even 1 night let alone 3. I feel selfish leaving my husband for 4 days to care for our children (I know, I know they are HIS children also). Will the house be cleaned, will the kids be dressed appropriately (for the weather), can he handle all three if they all breakdown at the same time? These are questions I ask myself.

If I am being brutally honest, I will admit, leaving the house and giving up control of "my job" for 4 days scares the crap out of me. Sure some of you say "oh I would give my left arm to have a few quiet evenings alone..." yes I said that also, but now that the time is here...I just don't know.

I know I will be meeting awesome women of God and here some awesome speakers. Heck I am even going to the World of Chocolate for a tour and taste testing...lol...

Then another part of me says, will they miss me? Will the hubby really understand what my days are like. (although I am only leaving a few school related worksheets for the kids as I can't expect him to DO IT ALL, like I do...lol)

Sigh...I guess the Newell home will still be standing (Lord please) when I return on Sunday...and yes I know they will all miss me, but I know that sitting in that hotel room at night will be the hardest thing ever for me, wondering if they are behaving, is the house cleaned up, did they eat a decent dinner...it's all a control thing I think, huh? Please pray for my family to be strong without me and for me to be strong being away from them.

Advice form anyone would be great!

We have our co op today and then home for soccer practice, kids to bed and I need to pack...

Have a blessed day everyone!


musicalmary said…
Have a great time!! Everything at home will probably be a bit chaotic when you get back, and that's OK -- in the grand scheme of things it's important for mom to have some time to do what she loves and recharge a little bit. You have a wonderful husband! Let me know how it goes, because my husband and I are headed to San Francisco for a week after the first of the year and the kids are staying behind with a friend of mine. Yikes!!

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