Lego Education Challenge

We belong to the Lego Education on-line community and accepted the Challenge this year to create something to do with renewable energy. Zachary started his project yesterday (due in 4 weeks). He decided to create a police station that uses solar power to run. saves the tax payers money and it's "clean" fuel. He got a great start on it yesterday and will continue with it until he has the solar panels on the roof. He is a LEGO MANIAC to say the least and has created some fabulous things. Legos are a big part of our schooling day, most days. We will submit our lesson plans for the challenge to the Lego Education dept along with pictures of the creation to be entered into the contest. There are great prizes awarded each year! Wish him luck.


musicalmary said…
This is very cool... Good for your son! I might need to look into this. Right now there is a large table set up in the middle of the garage with every Lego we own beside it! My daughter is working on a city in her spare time - needless to say the car isn't getting parked in the garage this week, and that's ok. She might like something like this!
kim said…
this sounds so neat. i didn't know they did that. i will have to check it out. my kids love legos

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