Mixed emotions about attending Relevant Conference

I am so blessed to be able to go to the Relevant Conference in a few weeks in PA. In so many ways...my hubby has "flipped the bill", taking two days off of work to stay home with the kiddies and doing it all with a smile on his face. (love him to much!)

This is where my mixed emotions come in...I have NEVER been away from my children for more than a day of shopping! Now I am getting into the car and driving three hours to be away from them for 3 nights, 3.5 days! Am I crazy? I will miss them so much, and the hubby, BUT I NEED this conference, the time away, the fellowship etc. I need a night of sleep without interruption! I will be renewed, I am sure of it. I really have nothing to wear that is not jeans or yoga pants...do I need to shop before hand? (probably) I just don't know how I will focus well knowing i am not home to take care of my family...I need to pray about this, huh?!


Lisa said…
I'm not really a conference person, too much of a homebody and introvert, I guess, but I wish I were going to Relevant. It sounds like it's going to be great. Your kiddos will be fine. If your husband is anything like mine, they'll probably eat too much junk food, play too many video games, go to bed too late, and generally have a blast. :)
Have fun.

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