October Teachings - Wrap Up

October is always an awesome month for teaching. Apples, pumpkins, leaves changing, hikes, coolness fills the air! Great fun!

As October wraps up this weekend, I look back to review what we studied:

Soap Making - kids loved this simple craft.

We learned it's fun to jump in the leaves on a beautiful Fall day!

We learned how to make fresh pressed cider from a wooden mill.

Zachary is finishing up his Renewable Energy project for the Lego Education Challenge.

Apples were fun to learn about!

Some "followers" might know, we study a different state each month in school. October is - Georgia. A friend who lives there sent us a few packages of awesome things that represent her state. We learned SO much! Molly and I made a poster representing with the children learned!

Looking ahead, I am excited to see what our Thanksgiving Month will reveal to us. I pray everyone has a safe and happy end to October!


musicalmary said…
I love the Georgia poster! But I don't see "Home of Homeschool Success" listed anywhere on it - ha!! Looks like you all did a lot of fun things. I want a closer look at the Lego project!
Anonymous said…
What a great week of learning! I love the state a month idea :-)
melismama said…
Mary..lol...I will post a picture this weekend of the Lego project completed. We have to hand in the notes, report etc next week....

Thanks Lindsay...

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