The Time WAS Relevant

Returned safely, Thank you Lord, from Relevant. I won't be able to express with words the inpact of these last four days have on my life. Hearing such Godly women speak, sharing, crying, laughing and praying with me, life changing.

On the 3 1/2 hour ride home. I made mental notes of the changes that will be happening in my home, with my children, my walk with God, my relationship with my husband, my scheduling, my time on the computer, my relationships, my everything! So many awesome women in 1 place, such energy, such great joy it brought me.

I was so nervous to be away from my family, since being away ment I could not tuck the kids in, sit at night with my husband and share our day together...would the house run "according to Melissa's schedule" I will admit, there were blinks of an eye moments that I missed the kids, the husband, the schedule, the home, but mostly I was missing my relationship with God. I went to Relevant thinking it was a Christian Women's Blogging conference, I left knowing it was a Women's Retreat. I can't thank everyone enough for all the stories, moments and love that was swirling around the place. I could even feel the love from the Sheraton Staff members.

I have so many books to read many "new friends" to keep in touch many new blogs to review! I can only pray that Relevant will happen again in another year and I will be able to attend!

On my way home, thinking how I was going to turn my life back into a service life for God, this sunrise guided my way back to NY.


musicalmary said…
Will you post book ideas?? So glad you had a great time!
Anonymous said…
oo so glad you had a great trip! I am with musicalmary.. will you post book ideas?
melismama said…
Mary and Lindsay....I bought 4 books...all equally awesome.

Seasons of A Mother's Heart
by Sally Clarkson (encouragement for a homeschool mom)

The Ministry of Motherhood
by Sally Clarkson

The Mission of Motherhood
by Sally Clarkson

I Will Carry You by Angie Smith (have the tissues ready for this one) AWESOME BOOK

Can you tell she is awesome!

I preordered two other ones...

One by Ann Voskamp called One Thousand Gifts If you have not checked out her blog called A holy Experience, you MUST...she changed my life!

The other preordered was Grace is For Sinners by Serena Woods here is her FB page also..

All the books are soft cover and easy reads. You will be changed forever with them.

I could not pick just 1 of them to say BUY IT, they are all awesome! Hope that helps.
Sharon said…
So glad to have met you at Relevant!
Kaira said…
I didn't meet you at Relevant but I too had an amazing time. I've found it difficult to put words together and I think that is okay.

I loved Angie's book - I've had it for a long time. You're right about the tissues!

I read Serena's book in a day - wow. What a testimony! I can't stop thinking about that book and I wish I had a whole case of them so I could share them with everyone. I think it's THAT good of a book.

Just wanted to say hi. :)

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