Week in review

What an exciting, challenging, rainy week we have had! It has been non-stop rain for two days now and the kids are a little stir crazy!

This week we worked on letter "E" and started our monthly Geography lesson, this month it's Georgia. We are working on a different state each month. We learn as much as they can retain about the state, talk to people who live there, get all the maps we can and mark them up, and this state in particular is fun since Z man has a pen pal from Georgia!

Our co-op class went to the Rockland Conservatory of Music for class this week. What an AWESOME time he had. (see pictures)

The Lord is definitely giving me some rewards and challenges to work on for myself this week. Being a guest contributor on Stone Soup blog was awesome! Being picked for the panel from The Homechool Village is equally awesome! However, my patience has been thin to say the least. The hubby has worked late a few times this week so I have been the primary caretaker for a few days in a row with no break. The bathroom door got locked from the inside (thanks Molly) and we had to wait for hubby to come home and open it (very late at night). Kids were crying because they thought they would never take a bath again....imagine the horror...

It seems to be the week on "melt downs" with the kids this week. Wednesday before co op class both older kids broke down in Target because they did not get their way. Tantrums for 20 mins...I kept my cool and just kept walking. (I took pics of them too...crying...mean aren't I) I was very disappointed in their behavior and they received punishments because of it. Today, Zachary did not get a 100% on his spelling test (for the 1st time) and you would have thought he got stung by bees the way he acted. (sigh)

Ok so tomorrow is a new day and the sun will be shinning (hopefully here!) Kids have soccer tomorrow and I am working at our local public library at the used book sale (which I get to go to tonight and buy buy buy books for our school! at 10 cents a piece for children's books you can't go wrong!)

Also I get to decorate this weekend inside and out for the Fall!


kewkew said…
Sorry to hear about your troubles this week. Your kiddo's facial expressions are so sad. Poor things.

Hope you've seen some sun today. We live in Northern Pa and saw some today. We were so thankful. Though the girls couldn't understand why mommy said the park was still not an option.

Sarah said…
Sorry to hear that I'm not the only one that had a week full of meltdowns. It rained a lot here too so I think that was one of the problems. Hoping for more sun and smiles for both of us next week. Love that you took pics of the sad faces. I may have to do that next time.
Lindsay said…
oo what a week.. sounds about like my weekend! I hope this weeks goes smoother!

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