Christmas Soaps - GREAT CRAFT

Even though it's the Thanksgiving week, we are schooling a little each day to keep them fresh! Today, besides a few Thanksgiving themed worksheets, we started our Christmas gifts for friends and family.

If you are familiar with our soap making fun (See Halloween soaps) then you will love our Christmas soap making! We used a clear glycerin this time and some different colors. I also had an idea to add some cupcake sprinkles to the large Christmas Trees to make it look like ornaments. We packaged them up and tied with ribbon. I just have to make labels.

Our Supplies

Getting prepared

After melting the soap, we are adding coloring and scent.

Pouring the mixture into the molds (these are snowmen, so we made them blue)

Waited 30 mins so then can set and then popped them out. (we used ice cube molds)
Cute huh!

Of course there are a few pink trees (per Molly, we MUST have something pink in the batch!)

I love them, whatcha think?


musicalmary said…
Oooooh. I love them!
The Adventurer said…
I think this is a great gift. We have never made soap before.
Lindsay said…
oohh what a wonderful gift!! These turned out great!
taidyeoriginal said…
those are great! You did a beautiful job! I think I am addicted to silicone molds now! tai @ taidye original

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