Holiday Cards with Dayspring Review

At the Relevant Conference that I attended this Fall, Dayspring (great company) had a Hospitality Lounge for us gals to gather in, fellowship in and look at their fablous merchandise! One of the items they were "giving away" was FREE 50 Greeting Cards (Photo ones). I signed right up!

So this year I decided to make Thanksgiving Cards to send out. I had a great picture of the girls (zachary did not want to be in it) and thought it would be a nice surprize for family and friends to receive it!

When I made my card, clicked order, I received an email back letting me know that the picture I used was a little too "pixelly". It did not appear that way on my screen, but I was grateful to them for pointing this out as the cards would not have looked nice. They said I could send them another picture, they would insert and print. I was thrilled that they offered to do the "leg work" for me and it was such breath of fresh air to find a company willing to help out rather than ignore.

I received my cards in a timely fashion (along with the envelopes!) and mailed them. I have received SO Many nice emails from friends and family that they LOVED the card! I think I have started a new tradition!


Joy said…
The cards are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog. The hornets nest was very busy during the warmer months! My hubby took the nest down while we were away. Just in case there were still any live ones left. Thankfully they were all dead! Have a blessed day!
The Adventurer said…
Cute picture of your kids. I have enough difficulty getting Christmas cards sent out:).

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