Jesus Came to Dinner

Yesterday was such a blessing. It was my hubby, myself, my three young children and my mother. I worked in the kitchen all day to make a great dinner....the table was set nicely, the food was hot and ready to be eaten. My son, Zachary, made placecards for everyone at the table. When I was putting them around, I noticed the last one on the pile of cards said "Jesus". I asked him where to put this one and he showed me. He told me that Jesus is always at our table. I held back the tears and was so proud of him. Also during dinner he sang a few tunes, I am A Friend of Gods and a song he made up about Jesus. He is such a great little boy. I am so proud and happy with his walk with the Lord.


Anonymous said…
yay for Thanksgiving and for Jesus eating with you!
Aimee said…
That is so sweet!!

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