Our Soap Selling Story, a story about giving back

One of the homeschooling groups we belong to decided to have a Holiday Potluck dinner in conjunction with a Holiday Bazaar (for lack of a better word), really a place where those of us who had homebased businesses, or young entrepreneurs could sell their items at a table.

The idea came to me for Molly and Zachary to sell the soaps they have been making for the holidays (originally to give as gifts). I brought the idea up to the children to see what their thoughts were and they were on board. I asked them what we should do with the money raised from the sale of their soaps. They replied with "lets donate it." (Molly's exact words were "lets give it to the people who live on the sidewalks".) I thought it was a great idea.

We had taken two days to make about 100 soaps. Tonight was the holiday gathering at a local indoor gym. It was not well attended at all, which was disappointing since the children worked so hard on their soaps and packaging them. I made them a few signs and they stood there and sold their soaps. They even took their basket around to other patrons of the gym who were waiting for their children to be done with a basketball class, and sold to them. Zachary made all the change himself and got it all right! They told everyone how they made the soaps, the price, and where the money was going to (The local food pantry). I am so proud of them. They raised $ 60 tonight selling their soaps at $ 3.50 per gift bag which included three soaps. Their Bubby (aka grandma) wants to buy 3 also so that will bring their total up. They counted out the money and were so excited. We do have a lot left to hand out to family and friends also. I will be taking them this week to the grocery store to buy food for the pantry and let them donate it. I also think I will put a little article in our small local paper about them with their picture! Who knows, maybe the grocery store would match what the kids made in donations....ya never know!


Joy said…
What an awesome story!! You have great kids who have a very giving heart! May God bless you and your family this Christmas season. :)
Sounds like a wonderful experience for your kids! What a great way to develop a heart of serving in your children. Blessings! :)
Jamie said…
My Zachary is the same way when we are selling at the FArmers Market.That is so awesome of them to just go forward and take over.

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