Schooling at the Bronx Zoo

This week we have NOTHING on our calendar that is outside of our normal routine. It feels NICE not HAVING to be somewhere at a certain time. I decided when I woke yesterday that we would go to the Bronx Zoo. We used to go weekly, but have not relaxed on that lately. We are so blessed to live so close to a major city, yet far enough away to have a few beautiful acres. see the stars at night and smell the fresh air.

We had an awesome time. We pretty much had the place to ourselves. It felt like we had won a prize pack or something for the Zoo to be exclusive for US. Yes, there were a few people here and there and 1 group of about 50 kids from some school. But for the most part it was us and the workers. Here are some highlights!

L is for Ladybug. Molly sits on the Ladybug on the Bug Carousel. L is our letter of the week. We tried hard to find everything we could using the letter.

The momma sea Lion (another L word) was very happy to see us (or somebody). She came right up to us and gave us a nice picture opp!

Zachary learning about the Gorilla's and how big the male and female feet get. Big difference in size between the sexes.

A brother and sister playing around. Fun to watch them!

The Penguins on LAND (another L word...ok I might be reaching a

Some learning time a the Penguin exhibit. So many teaching opps!

Penguins were real happy to see us also. Swam up to us very close.

Our American symbol of freedom LOOKING right at us. His head was turned around at a 180 degree angle, as this picture was taken his feet were facing the opposite direction than his head.

Sammie intrigued by the skulls in the Gorilla exhibit.

My three LOVES!

Zachary in the 4D Theater. They have two shows...Dora and Diego and a new one for the holidays - The Polar Express. That one was FANTASTIC!

Molly standing on 1 LEG copying the Flamingos.

Molly found a LARGE LEAF in the Congo. It covered her face.

One of our last L words of the visit...LUNCH!

All in all one of our best visits to the Bronx Zoo. As you can see by the pictures, we really did have the place to ourselves!


Sarah said…
Looks like a great visit to the zoo! It's great to be able to decide to go and just do it. Our zoo is 1 1/2 hours away. I wish it was closer.
Anonymous said…
what an amazing visit! So nice to not feel rushed because of all the people there!

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