Thankful it's November

A sense of warmth comes over me when November arrives. For us, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year. Although, we do try to be Thankful each and every day, there is something about this month that just warms the heart. The fellowship, the food, the anticipation of Christmas.

In preparing for this week's school lessons, I decided to make a LARGE tree out of poster board and mount it on the wall. Cutting out different colored leaves for the children to write, each day, something they are thankful for. Taping them to the tree so the the tree can be a "witness" in a sense of all things in their hearts they are thankful for. I expect to see things such as Legos, dolls, crayons, but I pray I see other words such as God, family and nature. Time will tell!

What do you do in your school to bring awareness to this special time of celebration?


Emily said…
That is such a wonderful idea - the thankfulness tree! I think I'll root around for brown paper and make one for us! :) Happy November!
Aimee said…
What a good idea! I might have to try this.
Anonymous said…
Love this month too :-) We also do a thankful tree with leaves. This will be the first year that Sammy can actually tell me things to write on the leaves.. Last year we just kinda wrote things for him :-P
I love the thankful tree. I just posted a picture of a thankful garland that was a similar great to keep things in perspective and teach great lessons on gratefulness to the kids!

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