Thanksgiving Tree - the list!

Thanksgiving is behind us...looking forward to the advent and Christmas season. Wanted to share the list of things that the kids put on the Thanksgiving Giving Tree this year. So cute:

Molly - age 3 1/2 yr olds - crayons, markers, grandma, daddy, my sister, my brothers, tape, placemats, mommy, friends next door, her friend Ben, candy, paper...and the list goes on like that...

Zachary - age 6 1/2 - daddy, mommy, grandma, Jesus and God, his friend Mike, the girls next door, Legos, the fact that we are not Pilgrims (kids had it rough back then), daddy's job...and the list goes on.

We had fun with this putting a new leave on each day with each child's Thankful things.

On to our advent tree now, starting tomorrow! I made this one last year with all the pockets.


Lindsay said…
I love the list of things they are thankful for! Can't wait to see what you do for your advent calendar.

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