Gingerbread Houses - Check

Today I was in a crappy mood since Sammie (19 months old) decided that sleep was optional for her last night, which made it optional for me and the hubby. Very tired, however, channeled that energy (that I did not have) into helping the kids make their gingerbread houses. 

They look forward to it every year. This year we bought the Wilton Kit instead of doing it ourselves (I recommend the kit for sure).  I love how the icing works with this kit. Sets quickly and hardens great! 

Do you make them?  If so, give me your link so we can check 'em out! 

I recommend the kits. All the candy and icing comes with.
The house is already precut for you also.

Molly felt like she was opening a present 8)

Only bummer, for the kiddies, you have to let the icing set up for 1 hour
before you can decorate. The box says 2-3 hours, but i did an hour
and was solid as a rock. 

Time to start decorating. (and eating the

Molly's front door..

Front of Zachary's

Fancy sides he did.

I did the scalloping for him.

Back of his house.

Front of Zachary's house.

Molly's turn (nice smile huh..)

Front of her house (she likes less icing than he did)


Other side, she was so proud of her wreath in the middle... 8)

Back of hers.


Lindsay said…
oo these turned out great! We do one.. but haven't yet.. its one of our Christmas countdown activities though :-)
Alison said…
So cute! We haven't done gingerbread houses yet this year. I asked the kids and they said, 'nah.' Bummer! But maybe I'll just do one myself...

If you're interested, I'm hosting a Christmas Cookie Exchange tomorrow thru Sat. on my blog and I'd love you to join up.


Stuff and Nonsense
Now that's my kind of Gingerbread House! My teenage daughter really, really wants a gingerbread house this year. We've made one on several ocassions in the past but I'm just not up for baking gingerbread in an oven that burns everything. LOL Your houses turned out wonderfully! Hope you can get caught up on that sleep. :)
melismama said…
Thanks Lindsay - you are such a loyal ya!

Alison - thanks..I would love to jion in the exchange!

Tonya - thanks, I really need the sleep...

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