Happy Birthday Jesus Cake & Play

This is the start to frosting our Birthday cake for Jesus.

Zachary did a big heart with Jesus' name inside.

Molly did balloons.

Finished product...very tasty!

Christmas Eve the kids performed "The First Christmas" for all the moms & Dads
at my Mother In Laws. 

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus with their new Melissa & Doug Birthday cake.

Very blessed Christmas...now we are getting SNOW SNOW and more SNOW...loving it!


Jamie said…
That cake looks soooo good!!!I didn't get the PINK gun BUT we got Zachary a gun and his uncle got him one to.I can shoot his and I have been shooting already,feels good!!!!I am going to look for a PINK one though.
Lindsay said…
oo that cake looks super tasty! I hope you ate a piece for me :-) Merry Christmas!
melismama said…
How funny Judy! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!
Erin said…
I love the idea of doing a Jesus birthday cake! My best friend does one every year too.

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