Holiday Hiatus

Today is our last day of school for 2010!  We are wrapping up our unit on penguins, gingerbread men and all things holiday.  After today we are officially on vacation. 

Although I have a stack of holiday related books that we will be reading and Zachary is SO into his Legos this week building simple machines, I have a feeling that even though our "workbook work" is done, school will continue (they just don't realize it).  

The children are getting a lot of educational toys for Christmas, so I know that learning will continue even without my direction.  Have some crafts planned also.  

 I will most likely be taking a break from blog posting or just be very intermittent with it.  I will be working on our 2010 wrap up post, highlighting the homeschool year in review!   

Let's remember the true meaning of the season.  Why not make a Happy Birthday Jesus cake with the kids this week?  Volunteer at a shelter?  Donate money to your local food pantry?  I challenge all my blogland something to make a difference in someone else's life. 

I pray everyone has a safe and joy-filled Christmas. 


Kristin said…
I am sooo ready for a break. A break from school and a break from blogging.
About the little Coffee Can Christmas tree...just tell your husband that it's not "technically" a tree, but more like a little piece of grennery. LOL
Thanks for stopping by Sweet Country Life. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Judy said…
Have a wonderful break. Thanks so much for stopping by today.
Tracy said…
I hope you have a wonderful and Merry CHRISTmas and new year! Enjoy your blog break and thank you for all your lovely and supportive comments on my blog in 2010 :)
I love the manger scene photo!
God bless from "A Slice of Smith Life" :)

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