New Years Party Decor - LOTS OF PICS

So the hubby surprised me this morning and took all 3 kids out to run errands for 4 1/2 hours!  I was in decorating heaven without having three LO's at my feet. I got the place decorated and ready for our NYE family party tonight.  I only gave myself a $ 30 budget for the party for decor and I spent less than that!  I used things we had from previous years, stuff around the house and at the last minute (this morning) decided to go with the Candyland Theme for the kids part of the party.  This was FUN and EASY and cost me here goes...enjoy! (I will post pictures tomorrow of the party itself)

This was a project I did at Thanksgiving time and have been using it ever since. Taking a plastic charger plate and painted chalkboard paint over it. Writing with my awesome Chalkboard markers (found at the craft store).

Some decor in my 3 tiered French Basket where the drinks will be.

Picture of our window in the kitchen looking out at the deck. Drinks for the upstairs guests...I purchased (at Dollar Tree - the plastic wine glasses for the kids to partake in some sparkling grape juice)

Kids area...went with the Candyland theme. Took my Ball canning jars...filled with candies I already had..put a Candyland guy in a glass star and he is trapped!

My inspiration for the CLtheme was the beautiful gingerbread houses that my kids did over the holiday. I just can't throw them out I used them for the centerpiece on the buffet.

Trapped another CL guy in a jar of sprinkles.

Fun for the kids...colorful and using all the Christmas candy that was not claimed yet!

a FUN BOWL full of noise makers for the kiddies

Kids table...crafts galore will be on this table...beads, pipe cleaners, crayons, coasters to make and more. I went online and found Candyland pictures, printed them, laminated them and taped them to a larger sheet
of construction paper for the placemats for the kids. Very colorful. They all have their own crayons, beads at their spot too.

The kitchen where all the hot food will be, away from little hands.

Downstairs on the bar in the family room (guy hang out). Previous project, took a frame, painted a piece of wood with the chalkboard paint and use it as a memo or menu board. Again using my great chalkboard markers!

Centerpiece on the bar. I created this using homemade apothecary jars (take a dollar store candle holder and a dollar store glass vase and use your epoxy to glue the holder to the vase....there you have it... instant apothecary and different heights also)

The bar in the family room - food will be set out...drinks...huge TV down there also with the fireplace.

I put some of these sayings around the house on the little ornament placecard holders. I got these at Michaels Crafts a few years ago...come in handy!

As seen in yesterday's post, these are the gifts for the adults and kids for when they leave.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing our NYE decor and I am looking forward to the company arriving at 6 pm.  

HAPPY NEW YEARS TO YOU ALL!  See you in 2011!

Linking up to this great party site for an entry to their contest!  come see all the awesome parties linked up!



Judy said…
Really great decorating. Have a very happy new year.
It all looks so good! I'm amazed at your creativity. I'm sadly lacking in that area, and I love to see what others do!
Lisa said…
As always, I'm so impressed with your decorations! The ornament holder, the Candy Land theme, I still love the chalkboard; everything looks so nice! Well done!
Tracy said…
Hi Melis!
Wow! you go all out with New Years! Everything looks fantastic and fun! Great job on the decorations and love your creativity! What fun and lasting memories you are enjoying with your family and friends, especially for your children! Have a happy and Blessed New Year and thank you for all your support in 2010 for my blog!
God bless!
Looks like a lot of fun for everyone!

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