New Years Party on a tight budget - Sneak Peak IDEAS!

So Christmas has come and gone and we have mostly De-Christmased the house of all decorations (including 6 trees!)  Budget is real tight now until hubby gets his bonus (March)...however, we always do something for New Years and for the last two years the hubby and myself have hosted an adult only News Years gathering at our home. It was all church family couples. This year we changed it up.  We invited FAMILIES with children and will be hosting a family party. Starting a little earlier (6 pm) and having fun stuff for the kiddies to do as well as the adults. So I gave myself a $ 30 decorating/gifts budget (not including food)...done real good, I did!  Here is a sneak peak at what I have been working on:

Michael's Craft Store - small place card holders - make great decor for a small apothecary jar.

Goodie bags for the parents to take home. Found these adorable tuxedo bags (nice and hard too) in the bridal section of our local Dollar Tree. 10 for $ 1.00  BLING!

Icebreaker mints - stuck a cute printable from Love the Day these are going into the adult goodie bags.

Kids goodie bags - again printed out FREE New Years printables from Love the Day and pasted them onto little cardboard white goodie bags - again from the bridal section of our local Dollar Tree store. There were 12 in the bag for $ 1.00 - JACKPOT!

Inside these cute bags are 1 blower and 1 beaded necklace for the kiddies. I got 12 for a $ 1.00 for the blowers in the birthday section of the Dollar Tree and 8 necklaces for $ 1.00 from the New Years section of the Dollar Tree!   Cheap and CUTE!

Hung these up in the windows of the playroom...took some old encyclopedia pages, fanned them, glued them and stuck a printable in the middle. Cute and no cost at all!

So that is all I am going to show for now...stop back tomorrow afternoon to see some finished projects and finished decorations! 


musicalmary said…
May I come? Looks like FUN!
melismama said…
Sure Mary come on over!
Anonymous said…
ooo very cute decorations! Have fun tonight!

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