A new mantel, a frame and a story

There once was a frame, medium in size at 11 X 17 inches.  This frame sat on a shelf at a popular store that sells home goods.  Somewhere along the way the frame was separated from the glass that lived so close inside it, Left alone to fend for itself on a shelf in the ever confusing misfit clearance section.  The frame was being handled daily, moved around, touched...but no one wanted to take it home.  It was showing signs of wear, It was getting worn out, tired of the teases by people possibly interested in taking it home. Until 1 day when a gal, we will call, Melissa came into the store with $ 10 in her pocket and a mission to find the perfect frame for some Christmas art.  

It was there under the other frames that Melissa pulled this medium frame out of the pile and realized it had no glass. Feeling sorry for it, she purchased this frame for a mere $ 5 and took it home. The frame was very happy to have a new place to rest but wondered what good it really was without it's friend, the glass.

Melissa was very creative these days and knew exactly what purpose this new frame would hold.  Here is the 1st responsibility of the new frame...holding Christmas scripture and have a new home on the hearth of her fireplace.  The frame was proud of it's new job and displayed with pride. (read on there is more)

But once Christmas was over, the frame knew that it would be placed in a closet somewhere and wait until next Christmas to be used. 8(     But then, Melissa decided to use the frame for displaying New Years Eve subway art. And the frame was happy once more.

Pretend there is a picture inserted here of the frame with the subway art on the mantel (I can't locate it right now)

Ah the frame was very excited to be moved from the hearth of the fireplace up high to the mantel for all to enjoy!  But once the New Year was rung in, the frame knew that it would be placed on a shelf in a closet somewhere. 8(  The frame was sad.

But wait, Melissa had an idea, inspired by this blog, Today's Fabulous Finds!  Melissa had the best idea to use the frame for a new Winter mantel.  So she took out the subway art, and in 10 mins flat the frame had a new look to it. Using a scrap of burlap (her new fav), a tin star and her glue gun, this frame was yet transformed again.  Very proud of her work,  she left the new looking frame on the mantel up high for all to see! 

So the frame, without it's friend the glass, that sat on the shelf at a popular home goods store, had a permanent home on a mantel at Melissa's house. The frame knows that each month it will be changed to a new and exciting look and will be displayed with pride. 


Janet said…
Oh how I love a good story with a happy ending.:) You're frame looks right at home on your mantel and looks great with the burlap and star! Thanks for sharing the link!
I love burlap and stars, it looks great. thanks for linking.
Louisa said…
It looks like that frame was meant to be. The combination of the tin star and burlap is quite nice.
Beautiful job! I love the stars and burlap! And I love the story of the frame...subway art is so popular now! Great job!


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