Covered the MESS - covering the desk from downunder!

My hubby was in Atlantic City for a bachelor party over the weekend, so it was a great weekend to get some projects down around the house. My mom came up for the night and we worked on a cover up for my desk...we are very limited on closet space and bedrooms here so I have a lot of my stuff under my desk and it happens to be in the bedroom. A bedroom is suppose to be a place to go and have peace...well looking at my desk, was less than peaceful!  Here is the before pictures:

 I am not, by far, a seamstress by the name. I can sew a straight line, make a pillow or two but that is about it. My mother, however, ROCKS the sewing machine.  I did go buy the fabric and notions for the project, which, let's face it, is my plan was to make a skirting to cover what is under the desk.  I found material at Joanne Fabrics and using a coupon, of course, got it for $ 6.50 a yard. It is a light courterouy with coordinating colors in our room. 

Got out my sewing machine...we measured, pinned and sewed!  Using a sticky Velcro to adhere it to the laminate desk.  The girls had fun measuring everything around the house!   

Bubby (aka my momma) and Molly pinning (in our kitchen..)

Learned how to do a "gathering long stitch"

Girls measuring everything!

I even had enough left over to cover a pillow!

Here is the after,,,HUGE improvement! 

Hubby likes it too!


Lindsay said…
This looks great!!
Lisa said…
What a great idea!
Jamie said…
You Go Girl,it looks wonderful.
Krafty Kat said…
Wow! That's great and I love that you made a pillow too! I tried this once (without any sewing) but used a staple gun to attatch the fabric but my kids kept pulling it down! Thanks for linking up!

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