Lego Education and my Lego Maniac

Just as so many other boys and girls are, my son is a LEGO MANIAC!  He has entered contests, submitted photos, has every Lego magazine subscription, thousands of Lego bricks and kits.  He just can't stop building!  We use them for school projects also.   The vacuum loves them also.

In case you other Lego moms and dads were not aware Lego  few of the "perks" to belonging to the Lego Education website is that you get free copies of Special Education edition Lego magazines (FREE) which are great. In addition, you get lesson plans and ideas for school!   Also another aspect of Legos we love is the Design By Me site. This is just incredible. The kids can build their virtual design and then either order it (Lego sends you the directions and all the pieces - cost involved) or you can design something and then build it for real with your existing pieces. It's pretty cool. We use this for school also.

The other day my son came up to me and asked "Mom what can you think of that you LOVE to do with just me?"  I said "Go to the park". So about 20 mins later he came back with this for me.

A Lego Park

Complete with Monkeybars

A swing

And a sew saw

He was so proud of it and I love it. I told him I would be blogging about it! 

Do you have  LEGO Maniac in your home?

Here is the Renewable Energy project that he submitted this year to the challenge. He did not win, but i was so proud of him.


Shannon said…
I'm guessing GG is going to love Legos one day, she loves loves loves to build!
Emily said…
How fun! We get the Lego Club magazines and my kids go in spurts of being really into building or not. When they are building, look out! You can hardly walk on their floor. Legos are awesome! :)
Lindsay said…
oo how fun! He did such a great job with the park!!
Carmen said…
My Little Ones are just getting interested in legos. They are wonderful. And, I am always amazed at all the creativity that they can come up with! I enjoyed looking at the lego pics. The park is creative.

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