PB Inspired Pillows

So as some of you may have read, I wanted to practice my skills before i made these pillows...here is the post I did last weekend for "practice"....so I decided to finally make the pillows yesterday.

I used the same drop cloth from my local hardware store as I did with the Wall Hanging...so much left over!  I made them kinda big to go on our beds. I only did a number "1' and "2" representing myself and my hubby since they are on the bed.

The number 1 pillow I had a problem. I cut the material too short at the end I stuffed the pillow so I had to use my hot glue gun to glue it together..Not my best work 8(

You can see the nice work here..lol

The final product on the bed.

I am happy with them!

 The DIY Show Off


Lindsay said…
oo those turned out super cute!!
They look great! Not to worry about the hot glue some people only glue no sewing for some. They are amazing and lovely on the bed.
Davis and Laura said…
Those are so cute and simple! I need a few pillows for our sitting room couch and these are perfect! Thanks for sharing! easypeasycraft.blogspot.com. (PS. found you on a glimpse inside!)
Brandy said…
Those turned out Fantastic!!

Allison said…
They look fabulous! Never would have known you cut the fabric too short. Thanks for linking these as well.
Melis - they look amazing! I love being inspired by something $$$ and making my own just as awesome things. You pulled it off! :)

Thank you so much for linking your creativity to the DIY Earthy Essentials party! I'm including a link to your pillows in my highlights tomorrow! ;)


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