A few resources we use.

Wanted to share a few resources we use for Homeschooling.....

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young! 
This book is our morning devotional book. I can't say enough about it.  If you have not had the opportunity to check out Tommy Nelson's site...I would recommend it to anyone! I was blessed to have received this in my swag bag at Relevant10 last Fall. 

It's simple for the kids to understand and you could win one....shh...let you in a little secret....I have a birthday coming up and this will be a giveaway on "My Favorite Things Birthday Extravaganza"....look for it soon!

Sign language chart - it's actually a laminated placemat but we use it for our alphabet.

We study a new state each month, so this book will get us thru for a few years...lol

LOVE LOVE LOVE the subscription to The Mailbox that I have (thanks to my momma)...I get on line perks too!  A lot of our crafts you might have seen last week came from these magazines!  They have reproducibles, very good quality also!

Made by the people of The Mailbox...this book has 2 daily journal questions/prompts We don't write our answers but we talk about them each morning after our devotional. Get's the kids thinking and their stories are so funny!

Here are a few internet sites i have used in the past.....might be something new to you....

http://www.kidssoup.com (this costs $ 2.12 per month to be a member, they bill you 1 time for the year, well worth it)
http://crafts.kaboose.com/ (great for craft ideas)
http://www.first-school.ws/THEME/cp_bible.htm (great for bible coloring pages)

Other resources we use:

  • Dollar Tree for workbooks, reward stickers
  • Staples office supply for pencils, crayons, glue, pens and paper (when they have a great deal)
  • Oriental Trading for posters
  • Garage sales and craigslist


WOW - just all I can say, WOW!
Kelsey said…
Thanks for the links!! :-)

The devotional book is super cute, Ill have to check into that, we have been keeping our eyes out for something for the littles. And of course, as an interpreter, I love the abc sign language map/poster.
Anonymous said…
What a great list of resources!! Thanks so much for sharing them all :-)

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