Happy February & Lots O Legos

Happy February 1st to everyone out there in Blogland!  We are gearing up for a busy month in homeschooling this month...so much to celebrate

On a sad note my husband received an email last night from a co-worker (and friend)  that was suppose to meet him for dinner but never showed..the co-worker's FIL and MIL were in a bad car accident and the FIL died and MIL is in ICU - the co-worker and wife live here in NY and the In Laws live in North Dakota.  Praying for the family. the flight they caught and healing hearts. So sad...

Ok back to happier news.....my son is obsessed with LEGO's....as a lot of 6 year old are.  We receive the Lego Education catalog a few times a year and he always goes thru it (like we did when we were little with the Christmas Wish Books) and marks everything he wants.  This time, Bubby (aka Grandma) decided to let him get a few things (her treat)...he was thrilled and waited each day for the package to arrive!  It came last Thursday (only 3 days after ordered I might add...what a LONG 3 days for him and me...)  So here is what he got:

He is really into building things that are mechanical and have working parts...gears...switches etc.  He even took a new notebook and started making a LEGO EDUCATION booklet with instructions on how to build things. So cute and so a part of our schooling.   He spends at least 2 hours a day building and creating! 

Do you use Lego's for school teachings?


Anonymous said…
How horrible! Our lives can all change with the blink of any eye. Praying for their family.

I never thought of using legos in school until I started reading your blog. My daughter struggles with fine motor coordination, so I think this is definitely something I will need to get. I think it's great your son loves them so much. To put together his own How-To book, is awesome!
Yes! This year we got all the Lego Education: Simple Machine sets, but just yesterday my younger two built "solar powered airplanes". Although I get frustrated with stepping on Legos constantly, they really do make learning fun and interesting!

Jessy (HHH)
Hi again! A Lego link-up would be neat! I bet my kids would like to participate to show off their creations!

Anonymous said…
I can't wait to see what he creates!! Sammy is going to totally be into legos when he gets a little older. He currently loves the trio blocks and making different things with those! I need to get him some real legos for his birthday!
TheRockerMom said…
I recently did a post about some of the ways we use LEGO blocks for education. http://thelintonacademy.blogspot.com/2011/01/lego-one-of-our-favorite-learning-toys.html
Annika said…
Legos are a huge hit at our house too. A Lego link up would be great fun for the kids, it would allow them to show what they have created and get ideas for others. Let me know if you decide to do it, we'd love to participate!
Sarah said…
That looks like some really nice additions to your son's Lego collection. My almost 11 yo still loves Legos and often builds things to go along with what we're learning even though I don't ask him to.
Lisa said…
We don't use Legos for school, but my kids will create with them while they are sitting and watching tv. I love that because they aren't just sitting there mindlessly doing nothing!
Lisa said…
My son does a lot of similar things with Legos. They're by far his favorite thing to play with.
My son has no idea that you can mail order Legos. Shhhh don't tell him. ;)

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