Heartful of Learning

One of the things I love about schooling "around" holidays or celebrations is that we can "theme" up our learning. Valentine's Day has been no exception!  We have made so many different crafts with hearts!  Yesterday was our Fruit Loop hearts!  We also have been reading Valentine themed books and eating yummy Valentine Themed treats! 

Working on a lapbook I made using the fraction printables from The Linton Academy ( I love her stuff)

I laminated everything so we can still use it for the other kids when the time comes...

Molly working on Hugs & Kisses patterns, again printables from The Linton Academy! (ps.  they are FREE!)

A yummy treat I made this week....oh so good!

Working on the fruit loop heart craft!

Love Love Love Scholastic....we get the younger version (Clifford) for Molly and the Primary school age one for Zachary. I love how Scholastic keeps the themes on target. Easy for me!

Great book!

Kids actually learned a little with this one....lol

Have you been doing any Valentine Themed Crafts with the kids?  Decorating together?  Share with us....

Oh, and if you missed my blog post yesterday about March 2nd being Dr. Seuss' b'day and the awesome website I found....check out the post here!



Caroline said…
Liam and Katie have been doing the same types of holiday crafting in school, including the fractions one!
Robin said…
You have such a fun school :) I really like all the pictures you include in your posts. Very nice, Melis!
Anne said…
Looks like fun!!
TheRockerMom said…
I'm really glad you like the printables. I love the Fruit Loop heart craft. I am pondering whether or not I'd like to try this today with Crunch Berries... maybe some stale honey nut Cheerios..lol.
Lindsay said…
What fun with all of the valentine's learning! I love the fruit loop heart very colorful!
Danielle said…
Cute! I hadn't seen the fruit loop heart before. Love your blog. I am now a follower of your blog, too!
Danielle said…
And completely unrelated...I love your girls' names. I have a little girl named Molly who was nameless for 3 days because we couldn't decide between the names Molly and Samantha. Our second girl will prob be Samantha, too. :)
Looks like a lot of great educational activities. Thanks for posting the link to the XO pattern page. I'm going to check that out. (Saw your link on Read. Explore. Learn.)
SnoopyGirl said…
What a lot of fun activities. The Scholastic book about stinky feet looks like a hoot. I love doing themed homeschool lessons and unit studies.
melismama said…
Caroline - thats cool!

Robin - thanks, I love taking pictures of the kids..kinda like my scrapbook

Anne - it is!

Rockermom - LOVE your printables

Lindsay - thank you loyal bloggy friend!

Danielle - which blog are you currently using? I see you have many.....we love those names also 8)

Harvest - hope you get a chance to check out the blog...lots of schooling stuff!
RedTedArt said…
What a fun and "hearty" week. Do like those cheerio hearts... but think I am more partial to your heart cookies (which reminds me... we need to hurry up and bake some!)

Thanks for linking up - GREAT to see you there!

Jackie H. said…
I love the fruit loops heart. Sometimes it's hard to find good crafts for the littlest ones like my boys so I'm always thrilled to find something easy enough for them.
Tracy said…
I {heart} this post! :) what fun! Love the fruit loop hearts, but I'm thinking my kids would eat all the cereal before it got to their paper :) Thanks for linking up to NOBH!

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