Jackpot Find! Homeschoolers READ!

As a home schooling mom I am always looking for FREE lesson plans and today's find is probably one of the best ones I have ever found!   I am sooo excited to share this with you all....

I am working on the lesson plans for March (I know...I know..little ahead of the game) and one of the things we will be celebrating is Theodore Seuss Geisel's (aka Dr Seuss) birthday (March 2nd). Searching the net I found this site:


There are actual lesson plans....over 100 pages to print which include mazes, word searches, reading, color pages and more...I found enough pages for my 6 year old and my 4 year old to last the entire month. I am making up a booklet for them in addition to grabbing all of our Dr Seuss books too for display!  I just am sooo happy to have found this. 

The kids can also create their own (on line) WHO....read about all the characters, on line games and activities too. The site is so user friendly!  There is also an entire section of Birthday printables and ideas!  ALL FREE! 

When you go to the site, they have an educator box at the top...click that...then click printables or the lesson plan link....you WILL NOT be disappointed!  There is also a parents box/section with things to do by age! 

I am smiling ear to ear!  Can't wait to share with the kids for March!



Lindsay said…
oo how fun! Sammy loves Dr. Suess I will definitely have to check out the printables!
Jennifer said…
That sounds like a lot of fun! I like Dr. Seuss too, so I'll have to check this out and see about using some of it during March!

Cheryl said…
That is fantastic! I think any kid (or adult) loves Dr. Seuss - I know I do!! Thanks for linking up at The Homeschool Village!
Lisa said…
Awesome. I was looking looking to put together some Dr Suess stuff too.
Stef said…
love it - thanks for sharing! I love these great finds!!

musicalmary said…
Thanks! We are going to see Seussical in March and this will be a great resource!
Deb Chitwood said…
What a great find! Dr. Seuss was always a favorite at our house - and I kept all our Dr. Seuss books for when we have grandkids! They really do have an amazing site at Seussville.com - thanks so much for sharing!
Deb @ Living MontessoriNow.com
Tracy said…
Thanks for sharing this great resource and sharing it on NOBH so I could find it :)

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