March Lesson plans, Preschool teachings & giveaway winners

(My centerpiece for the table for the month - made a Hat and put some tissue paper inside the top (Hollow can) and then some Dr Seuss characters popping out of it)

March Lessons Plans for Zachary:

Dr Seuss is our theme of the month....we are revolving most everything around all things Seuss!

History - the history of books & Dr Seuss himself
Geography - State of the Month - Massachusetts - birthplace of Dr Seuss
Science - Bones & Cat is our Animal of the month (Cat in the Hat..)
Math - all sorts of measurement worksheets using feet (Foot Book), rulers, liquids and more
Reading - Continue with the Magic Treehouse Series and in addition Seuss books!
Sign Language - continuing with the alphabet

Of course a ton of fun activities with Dr Seuss books as the theme!

REMEMBER: if you want awesome Dr Seuss themed activities just go to to print off tons of FREE printables - all age groups covered!

CRAFT ALERT - Michael Craft Stores is offering a Make N Take Craft this Wednesday from 10 - 12 (at least in NY) Kids can make a Dr Seuss Bookmark to bring home and it's FREE!

Preschool Teachings:

Molly has been working on Lacing Card (Melissa & Doug set - they are great) and Also the Leapfrog Domino Set - which I love!  

6 Different ways to use these dominoes.

What's up for your March teachings?

REMINDER:  If you entered any of the Birthday Extravaganza giveaways last week -be sure to check out the winners - you might be one!


Lindsay said…
Looks like a super fun month you have planned! Those Dominoes look like so much fun!
melismama said…
Lindsay they are a lot of fun. The inserts are cardboard and come out and on the back is another theme...there are tons of cards and she loves them!
Robin said…
You're making me think outside the box with the whole "suessville" thing. Gonna check it out! We could use some fun around here.
Robin said…
You're making me think outside the box with the whole "suessville" thing. Gonna check it out! We could use some fun around here.
I like the idea of the whole month devoted to one theme. Good luck!
melismama said…
Robin, there is really So much you can do around the Dr Seuss Books...I will be posting each day when we "study" a book and the activities we do with the The Foot Book, we will be measuring things around the use using the kids feet and charting it. Also I am going to trace their feet and cut them out and hide them around the house for them to find. We are also studying bones this month so we will learn about the feet bones that day....just as an example of what you can do...
Vallere said…
What a wonderful theme! Looks like a ton of fun!
What a wonderful time you have planned! What a joy to be able to stop by on the HHH!
nadia said…
the leapfrog dominos look great! i want to buy them :)

i love your table centerpiece, so well themed!
Jessica said…
Stopping by from HHH. Love that you give a whole month dedicated to a theme. You have some fun things planned for March. Enjoy!
Mommy of 3 said…
I love the hat! Awesome. Your lesson plans look great this month. I really like how you are incorporating Dr. Seuss into your school days. I checked out Seussville and love it! We will be pulling some activities from there this week. Happy reading.
Tia said…
stopping by from HHH! I Love the Seuss theme! Today we are going to a Dr. Seuss Science class with the kids and making green gak! I think sometime this month we should make green eggs and ham!!!!

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