My Favorite Things....Birthday Extravaganza - 3

Today is Day 3 the My Favorite Things Birthday Extravaganza!  This is such a great item for traveling for your child.

My friend, Caroline, at UPTOTE says this about her company….”UPTOTE is my company, I design and make upcycled products for the retail market. Started in 2010, upcycling has been a part of who I am since I was a little girl taking my cable knit socks and cutting them into vests for my dolls. Upcycling takes many forms and hopefully I can share some of my insights with you along the way.”

I know Caroline and her family personally and am proud to call her a friend.
 She takes her business very seriously and things she can do to make our planet “greener” is a priority to her.

One of MY favorite products she makes (among handbags and more) is this great carry-all crayon/pad book (that I have purchased personally for my kids)!   Everything has a place and it stores so easy.  We use them out to dinner, for carschooling and at the dr waiting rooms….

If you would like to be entered into this giveaway here’s all you have to do:

MANTATORY ENTRIES (showing Uptote some love)

·         1 entry for visiting her blog and become a follower:
·         1 entry for commenting on her blog that you are stopping by from Melissa’ Birthday Extravaganza today
·         1 entry for “Likeing” her on FB and leave a comment that you are visiting from the Birthday Extravaganza
·         1 entry for visiting her Etsy store and tell me what you would love to have for your own


***An Extra entry for leaving me a comment here on my site telling me what your family does to “be green”.

There are 5 entries total for you to be entered to win this great giveaway!

Winners will be chosen using Random Generator and will be announced on Monday February 28th!

Good Luck!


musicalmary said…
Hi Melissa! These are cute!! I will head to her site! Let's see, to be "green" the biggest thing we do is recycle everything!! My husband also bought a fuel efficient Honda Fit as his commuter car....sometimes 40+ miles to the gallon.

If you have a recipe, today is linky day!

One thing we do to go green is use Basic H household cleaner from Shaklee. It is awesome stuff!

I love this particular favorite of yours. I have been wanting to make one for our kids but it would be even better to win one!

sharonsaad at gmail dot com
Anonymous said…
Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Melissa!
I visited her etsy shop and love the cargo purse! How cute!
I left a comment on her blog to let her know I was sent by YOU.
Gale said…
I think my favorite thing is the Crayon Art Organizer...but I also love the pencil/crayon UPTOTE strap! It's just so clever. I wonder if she used elastic (like she does on that) and VELCRO whether she could come up with something that would strap on to any size hardcover notebook or journal? That would be super nifty!

ecarian at yahoo dot com
Gale said…
And I commented on a post about a bag she was making (a pretty one with a black and white pattern).

ecarian at yahoo dot com
Gale said…
The best green thing we ever did was buy an energy efficient washer and dryer. We have three boys, so we do a LOT of laundry...and our electricity bill was lower than the previous year every month for a full year after doing that (our statement shows a comparison of the past 12 you get to compare April to April, May to May, etc. The first month after we got that the electricity was higher than the previous year was exactly one year later, so we HAD the new dryer/washer the previous year we were comparing it to.

ecarian at yahoo dot com
Caroline said…
Thanks for the comments, keep them coming, at Gale, I actually do have an elastic crayon organizer, that fits onto a compostion book, but I could make it any size...
is the link. The cargo bags sold out this week, I am in the process of trying to get more pants, when I do I will post them!

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