My Favorite Things....Birthday Extravaganza - 5

Day 5 

 My Favorite Things Birthday Extravaganza 
Today is a special gift to brighten your day! 


I don’t even have to tell you (but I will) how I {heart} Marie-Madeline Studio!  Here is a little about them:

The idea for our family business was hatched in the winter of 2006, when we girls began sewing one-of-a-kind handbags for family and friends.  We officially launched marie-madeline studio in December 2007.  Since then, our creative endeavors have grown to include bags of all shapes and sizes, aprons, little girls' clothing, and ladies' clothing.  Our exclusive marie-madeline sewing patterns debuted this year, and our favorite fabric lines are now available to our customers through our online fabric store!  The ready-made products we offer are all handcrafted, by the five of us, in our home studio.  Thank you for taking time to stop by our little corner of the world!

I was a lucky recipient of one of their pins when I went to the Relevant10 conference last Fall….(seeing a pattern here….)

If you would like {love} to win one of these lovely pins from them here’s whatcha have to do!


·         Visit them at, look around and comment on what you would love to have on your wish list!


·         Become a follower of mine, if you are not already and leave a comment about my blog and what encourages you about it. 
·         Check out their Etsy store also at and let me know what you loved!

Maximum of 3 Entries for this giveaway!  REMEMBER I have 9 of these lovely pins to giveaway so many many winners today!

Winners will be chosen using Random Generator and will be announced on Monday February 28th!

Good Luck!


Jamie said…
I Love their blog,how sweet to be working with your girls.
I absolutley am in LOVE with their aprons,they are sophisticated and beautiful and they look very womanly(?).You know a little motherly chic.I know I made that up.
Jamie said…
Now onto you,What can I say,You rock!!!It has been a blessings to find a friendship blogging and we haven't even met.My hubby said one day he is going to come home and we are going to be talking on the phone for hours hahahahaha.

You have overcome some rough areas in life and look where you are,you have a beautiful family and a very great loving husband that supports you.I love checking in daily to see what fun and exciting things that you have planned for the kiddos today.YOu are always out doing yourself.YOu are one awesome Homeschooling Mama.
Jamie said…
I have once again just oooohd and ahhhhhhhhd over the items that they create.The purses are so cute and simple and the skirts are gorgeous.I still LOVE the APRONS.Icould wear them all day.If I can I am going to beg hubby!!!!
melismama said…
Jamie, you are making me cry today, in a good way....thanks so much for your support, compliments and admiration. We should talk on the phone! You rock too momma! And it has to be a sign from God that we both have Zachary's!
Lindsay said…
What wonderful prodcuts they have! I like Jamie also love the aprons. I really liked the custom crafted pleated cottage aprons!
Lindsay said…
I am a follower.. I love all of your decorations and themed activities you do with your kids. I also love all of the wonderful resources you share!
Lindsay said…
I checked out the etsy site and loved all of the apron patterns. But really caught my eye were the handmade dishcloths.
Mommy of 3 said…
I stopped by your store and love it! A few things I would like on my wish list are the gracie ruffle skirt mid-calf length for little girls, the custom tessa bloomer and matching bag (kids would just love that), and the custom crafted chic sister apron. My apron is so old and honesty not as cute and stylish as yours. Great site and great business.
Mommy of 3 said…
I am a follower and I love all the ideas and resources you share for the kids. I also enjoy just reading about your days. It is inspiring to see all the activities. It gets me going. Thanks for the chance at winning.
Mommy of 3 said…
I just checked the etsy shop and love all the aprons. I just think they are so fun.
Amy said…
one of the patchwork aprons!

Amy @ Missional Mama
Amy said…
At the etsy shop the gracie ruffle skirt is so cute. I would get the pattern if I could sew!

Amy @ Missional Mama
Robin said…
I love their handbags. The little red with white polka dot one is adorable, however, I am more of a messenger size lugger.

What can I say about your blog that I haven't already.... I love your craftiness, your motivation, and your upbeat spirit. I look forward to reading your posts and your thrifty finds. Thanks for being you, Melis !
Lisa said…
Lots of cute stuff there, but I love the anaclaire jumper pattern. :)
Lisa said…
I'm a blog follower. I love your blog. Even though I don't actually "know" you, I feel like we have a lot in common. :)
Your also really good about posting homeschooling stuff just as I'm looking for it...

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