The Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 4

The Homeschool Mother's Journal 

In my life this week...

Finally got my hair roots touched up (by me, but still done) and the eye brows are waxed!  Two things I hate to do, but MUST to maintain!

In our homeschool this week... Our Homeschool Week in Review

Monday – Molly had her 1st Ballet/Gymnastics class today!  She was so excited. The class was 30 mins of gymnastics and then 30 mins of ballet dance.  Great mom that I am, forgot to charge the battery in my camera so I could not take pictures 8(    I will get them next Monday!  We did a cute doggy craft for V’day today.  Read a few great books and had some Lego fun (as usual). Overcast day today.

Tuesday – Great school day!  We went to the local gym to play for “free play” time. Great deal only $ 5 for all of us for 1 hour. They supply all the balls etc…. School went real well. Zachary had his 1st Get Fit class at the gym at night. He loved it! That runs for 10 weeks right up until T-ball starts.

Wednesday – went back to the gym for playtime again and another successful day at school!  Finally got a chance to touch up my hair too (roots were bad)

Thursday – again with the gym….{see a pattern here}…lol…great day of school again…crafted a cute frog with all hearts!  Went to our local Salvation Army, they are moving their location and everything was 50 percent off….snagged a few things for St Patrick’s Day décor…

Friday – Finished up the chapter book that Zachary was reading…in the Magic Tree House Series.   More Valentine crafts and worksheets. Nice sunny day….cleaning day for me….looking forward to a nice weather weekend….

Places we're going and people we're seeing...the only places we went this week were the post office and the gym! Also a quick trip to the salvation army for their 50 percent off sale!

My favorite thing this week was...listening to my 21 month old talk in 4 word sentences and make sense!  I love this age!  Looking forward to a Family outing to the Bronx Zoo on Sunday!

What's working/not working for us...being a little less structured this week….it’s working and we are still getting it all done! Crafts and crafts this week in prep for V’day!

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have...just thanking God above for the path he has put us on!

A photo to share...


JDaniel4's Mom said…
It sounds like you have great routine going! I love the that gym has activities for you to do.
Lindsay said…
I agree w/ JDaniel sounds like a great routine!
"Say What?" said…
We've been less structured as well and I know I need to step it up a bit. Maybe next week ... maybe?
Jessica S. said…
Happy Valentine's Day!! :) My boys spent the night at a friend's tomorrow we might to a Valentine's Day craft also. Have a great week coming up! ;)

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