Yummy B'Day Present & Giveaways

For my birthday, last week, my momma gave me a Zojiroshi Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker, Model BB-CEC20!   This breakmader ROCKS!   I broke this bad boy out last night for the 1st time and knew exactly what I was going to make.  Cinnamon Rolls!  

Ain't she purdy!

Broke out the instruction manual, which I might add was very involved and sat myself down to watch the instructional DVD that came with it!

Don't pay attention to the lovely shadow of my HEAD! lol

I will admit I am not the best baker so I really needed to pay attention to the details here!

After watching the video, I got out all the ingredients for the Basic Butter Roll Dough (which is the basis for the Cin. Rolls)

Wala!  After the 1 hour and 35 mins here is what I had. DOUGH....hmm...what to do with it...

Cut the dought into 2 equal pieces and froze one!  Rolled this out....

Smeared the butter on, then poured the brown sugar and cinnamon on....rolled it up and cut...

I had to let them rise for a while....covered them too...

Baked at 375 for 15 mins and there you have it!

I made the easiest and most delicious frosting (we all agreed it was just like Cindy's Cinnamon Roll frosting)   and there you have it!

No more Pillsbury Cinnamon Buns for this family! lol.....Can't wait to try the other recipes! 




Caroline said…
looks yummy!
Tina said…
Bread machines are the best thing ever! Those looked delish. We did cinnamon rolls in the breadmaker last weekend but I think they would have been better with that frosting! Yum
Mommy of 3 said…
Those cinnamon rolls look delicious! Cinnamon rolls are one of my families favorites. I have been looking into getting a bread machine myself. That one looks awesome! I love that it comes with an instructional DVD. It is easier to see how something works rather than read how something works. Great birthday gift!
Yara said…
That's cool!
I used to have a bread machine, but it broke or something. I'm hoping to get myself a nice kitchenaid stand mixer soon.
I like to use The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon roll recipe, it's easy & doesn't take a lot of time ; )
(for anyone who doesn't have a bread machine available)
musicalmary said…
Ok -- would you believe I have a BBCCX20 that has been sitting in my basement in storage for the past year? My father-in-law didn't want it anymore and brought it over to me. At the time I was like "oh great, another thing to hang around the kitchen", but recently I have been reading all these posts about homemade bread, so today my hubby brought it up (along with the instruction manual - no nifty DVD for me, sorry) and maybe this week I shall investigate. Any tips?

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