Cake Pops & Tutorial

Aren't they purdy!

If you didn't know by other posts, this weekend is my daughter's (Molly) 4th Birthday Party. (Actual birthday is next Tuesday).  We are hosting 5 little girls (including 2 of our own) for a few hours of ballerina fun!  I have been working HARD for a month or so on decorations, goodies and more. 

 I will be blogging several times a day on the preparations so the final blog post isnt 100 pages was prep in the kitchen ( all morning).  We worked on Cake Pops, Buttercream frosting and Preztel Pops.  This blog post is about the Cake Pops...all the craze for sure!  

Cake Pop Tutorial

What you need:

1 boxed cake made and cooled
1 container of frosting
1 bag of lollipop stick
1 bag of chocolate wafers you melt

I first started by watching several U Tube videos....I had all the materials already so that was a big help.

I started by using three smaller cakes that i had made when I made the cupcakes for our Dr Seuss Party, then froze them for something to be used for later...its Later! (using 1 boxed cake mix is what you can use)

I had 1/2 of a can of frosting in the refrig left over also. 

Broke up the cakes into a bowl

Girls were great helpers today! (messy too)

Plopped the frosting in and mixed a little..then eventually had to use my hands. 

Until you get a good sized ball like play doh consistancy.

Zachary helping roll them into balls. 

BIG HINT HERE!  All the tuturials I read said to use parchment or wax paper. HOWEVER, I had neither, SO I used my Pizza Stone and end results were AWESOME,..You will see below what I am talking about

Then into the freezer for an hour.

Next stage....

Once they are chilled, take them out...get ready for this step with chocolate melting and the sticks..

I used the Wilton Chocolate melts and melted the chocolate in the microwave.
Then I used the plain old lollipop sticks you can get at any craft store.
Dip the end of the stick in the chocolate and right into the center of your
chocolate balls!

So you have back into the refrig this time for about 10 mins
until the chocolate sets up.

After they set up, take them back out of the refrig...your chocolate should still be melted from before.

Then you are dipping the balls gently into the chocolate using a spoon to help you
coat each ball.  Keep twisting them until the chocolate is pretty much stopped drippin...

Then decorate with your favorite decorations!

bAnd set Back onto the pizza stone
 (that by the way is VERY COLD and AWESOME at them
setting up quickly! )

Back into the refrig for about 15 mins.
Take them out...they come off the stone with no effort at all
cold...pretty and all set up...

I used cupcake papers to put them on. Some poke holes into a box or something like it and 
display them.

There were three left over for the kids to "taste test" today at lunch!

I had one casualty - RIP!


Last Minute Mel said…
These came out great...btw...we must be on the same journey around blogland...I keep leaving comments right under the ones you have just left (so funny!)
Crisc said…
I love them! My aunt sent me this recipe last month to make with the kids and we never did it. Yours look awesome and happy birthday to your little ballerina =)
Tracy said…
Happy early birthday to Molly! These turned out so cute and I bet they are yummy! Thanks for sharing this on NOBH!
Mommy of 3 said…
These look super yummy! Happy early Birthday to Molly. I hope you all have a wonderful, happy day! Thanks for sharing these great look cake pops! I will have to give them a try.
nextmalawi said…
Thank you!! We had these at a shower on Tuesday and were actually trying to figure out how they were made.
Jamie said…
Like I said before,YOU ROCK!!!!!
How cute and they look delicious,it looks like the kiddos had lots of fun making them.

What is next for you to come up with?
They look great!
I made cake balls once and they were a big mess. Granted the tutorial I was following didn't say to freeze them but I was struggling to just keep mine together when rolling for some reason. But thanks for linking up!
Sophie said…
I know the kids will love these, we did them one year for our girls birthday party and they were a big hit!
Tina said…
These look fantastic! What a great project. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics from her birthday extravaganza! :)
Pams Party said…
I wanted to see your cake pops after you posted on mine.. You are right, they do look yummy!

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