Homeschooling Moms - FREE LEGO MAGAZINES!

Just an FYI in case you did not know, Lego Education offers FREE Lego Jr Magazines (2nd - 4th grade level) a few times a year!  Now is the time to order...also comes with a teachers guide

We get them each time and they are great. Only thing is you need to order 50 for a minimum, so we hand out to our friends at co ops, b'day parties etc....


Jamie said…
Yes,we can do that.I will go to the Post Office and see how much that will cost and then I will start collecting and ship them your way,you know,way up in Florida,NY,heeeheeeheee!!lol
We have the dark brown,I showed them the other day,that are in the incuabtor now.We are also hathcing silkie eggs as I am typing.
Mommy of 3 said…
Thank you so much for the info. Just placed my order. I am hoping the kids will be finished with their lego project so I can link up tomorrow. Have a great Week!

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