I was featured!

Catch My Party

So I am a daughter of God, Wife, Mother, home educator and I am passionate about Party Planning. I have started checking out blogs and websites that give me inspiration!  I posted a few of my parties on Catch My Party the other day (I just joined them) and not one but TWO of my parties is featured already! 

How fun and exciting....ok does this validate me, yes...make me feel good, yes....but I do it for my children and want to ensure that they know that Celebrations need to be a part of our lives!  you just never know  the Good Lord's plans for you!


I think you do a great job with your parties and it is great that they featured you!! :) Thanks for posting about the site too. We are planning a "spa" birthday party and I usually look at another party idea site but this one has pics!! YAY!

Oh, and I love planning parties too, but don't do it often. Mainly just birthday parties for my princess and milestone parties for family.
kim said…
what an awesome site! I will definately be going back there and in my free time and drooling all over those ideas. I love party pics and was just thinking isn't there a site where you can just see party pics? VIOLA! there is one!
and you always have awesome parties even for small occasions like the mardi gras day and dr suess etc... you do a great job in celebrating life.
Mary said…
Congrats! That is awesome!
Robin said…
Yay!!! Way to go!!!
Mommy of 3 said…
Congratulations on your feature! How exciting. Your parties look like so much fun. I love all the pictures. I have to say that I thought your Dr. Seuss party was absolutely amazing! Keep up the good work.

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