Reading with your eyes shut!

In school yesterday we read this Dr Seuss book...

The kids loved it!

It's so hard to get a picture of Zachary with a "real" smile...I had the camera set up on the table and snapped it during the book reading....

We spoke about what it is like to not have your eye sight and then I did a few activities to back it up.

They found it hard to use their hands to find the shapes in the puzzle.

She has a piece of candy in her hand and guessed correctly.  I did not get a picture of it, but I have Zachary a 1/2 of a grape in his hand and said to him "Here is the inside of an eye ball"...he freaked said feel it, he would

Got out our Math Deluxe Game again...he loves it! If you missed our review of this game here it is.

Molly coloring the Lorax.

Dr Seuss Match Up game I made. She loved it!

Zachary is finishing up this book!

Today we are having our Dr Seuss Party as we end our month long Seuss Teachings!  Great things ahead in April!

There is still time to link up to the Lego Mania Party!


Lindsay said…
I love that book! Great activities to go with it! Love the picture you got of Zachary :-)
Robin said…
Awesome! Looks like a lot of fun!
You are SO on the ball, Melissa! I am impressed. Love the follow up activities - we just read that book too. Thanks for the ideas. :)
My son loved that Magic Tree House book (we did a knight unit study along with it).

have a great weekend friend!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
It is such fun to see what they will do blindfolded.
I'm laughing at your eyeball grape. I havent read this book in so long, but its a good one!

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