Reivew and a OUTRAGOUS deal on a Math Game!

A little over a week ago, I emailed Creative Learning Connection (great site for Homeschoolers) because I had seen a review on their Math Facts Fun game in my Home School Enrichment magazine..  The game looked like fun and my son has a love for Math.  I emailed the company and told them that I would love to review this for them and share it with my followers!  (Yes it's that easy to do friends

I was sent the hard version (vs. PDF Version) Math Facts Fun Deluxe Game and was planning on "breaking it out" next week, but the kids found it and we HAD to open it right away. They both loved it!   Zachary who is 6 1/2 and Molly who is almost 4 both had a love for the games!  Here are some pictures from our school day playing with it!

Here is what our packet contained:
· Instructions
· 4 6-sided Dice and 2 12-sided Dice
· 5 “Game Boards” – Levels 1 – 5
· Addition and Multiplication Tables
· Prime Numbers List
· “The Sieve of Eratosthenes”
· Skip Counting Charts

Object of Game:

To be the first to cover 3, 4, or 5 numbers in a row (depending on the level).

Playing the Game:

Each player has a different color with which to mark their numbers on one central board. The youngest player rolls the dice, decides what number combination he wants to use (there are usually several to choose from), and covers his number. The dice are then passed to the next player – who repeats the process.

At first I thought it would only be for Zachary but once I read it over, I was happy to find out it covers all ages!

This hard version comes with all the materials needed.  Directions, dice, chips, all sheets laminated that you need!

Zachary started off with the addition/subtraction fact sheet...roll 2 of the regular dice, either add them together or subtract them and cover the answer with a chip.  Once he got three in a row he won.  You can play with multiple people.

Then he moved up a level to the 12 sided dice with addition and subtraction! 

Then he moved up to the multipltion and division level using the regular dice!  He did not move up after this right now, as the levels get harder! 

It even comes with the math tables to help the kids out!

Molly is working on the Level A, recognizing numbers. Roll 1 die and count the dots, cover the number with a chip.

She used fishy cracker to cover them

There are a lot of levels and a lot you can do with this. It fits right into the bag that came withit for easy storage too. This game will be a hit for a long time coming!

How can you get your own?  Glad you asked!

You can buy your own PDF Version of these (minus the dice & chips of course) at CurrClick this week for $ 1.75!  This is usually selling for $ 3.50 at CurrClick but you can get this special pricing thru the end of March. 

You can also order the original set like we got for $ 12 (Plus S/H) from Creative Learning Connection!   What games can we buy for $ 12 now a days that covers so many age groups!

Thanks to Catherine and her team for getting this out to us and letting us review it!  We love it!


Carmen said…
We have this game. I bought it from the Lady that created it. She owns the homeschool used curriculum store in Huntsville. We love it! It is fun to see someone else enjoy it too.
melismama said…
That is great Carmen!
Sarah said…
Looks like some great math fun! I might have to try that with my boys!
Mary said…
Looks like fun!!!

Thanks for the review. Looks like a neat math game.
Lindsay said…
What a fun game! I love how far it will grow with the different ages! :-)
Martha said…
I like games and this like a great one. I will have to check it out.
Tracy said…
This looks like fun and I'm going to check it out too! Thanks for the review!
Heidi said…
Love this math game! I think I might order the full version with everything included! Thanks for linking this up to NOBH!

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