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Blogger VS Word Press

Lately I have noticed a lot of bloggers going from Blogger to Word Press.....I am not that familiar with Word Press...can someone fill me in on the appeal of switching?   I like Blogger (so far) and have had few problems with it....

Happy Wednesday

We are taking a break from Lego Linky Party this week...more rain expected today 8(


Robin said…
I was wondering the same thing. Great question!
Mary said…
Personally, I am not impressed with Wordpress - I did an experiment to check it out and I find Blogger much more user friendly. My motto is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" JMO of course! :)
kim said…
i also prefer blogger. wordpress seems yucky to me.

the only benefit i see is that some posts can be hidden to some ppl like post 1 post to everyone then follow it by putting a post only 2 your family and they log in with a ID code to see that post. I would like that. Then, the posts come up in your email too instead of a dashboard but i think you can set blogger to do that not sure.
Jamie said…
AMEN* to you Mary.I don't even know if I would be up to moving everything over.
Melissa~Where did you order the Scholastic weekly newsletters??Yes I do know from Scholastic,but where should I look for them at?
I got my POTTERY BARN catalogs this week and wow,Shane and I are putting some ideas together.
Lynda said…
I started with Wordpress and found it very difficult. There are many great features that are not available with Blogger, but it was not worth the headaches. Blogger is much more user friendly especially if you don't want to mess with HTML code and CSS. (Terms I was unfamiliar with until I started blogging.)

WP bloggers love it, but personally I just don't get it. Great question.
melismama said…
Thanks for your input ladies...I had no intentions on switching, but was wondering why someone would....
Tracy said…
I was wondering the same thing because I have seen posts where bloggers encouraged others to consider WordPress over Blogger. So I have been a bit confused by it all and making the switch from Blogger to WordPress seems a bit daunting and overwhelming to me! I will say I do NOT like that it takes FOREVER for Blogger to download my pics from my file into my blogger template. Sometimes it takes longer to download the pics for my post (but I post lots of pics) than it does to actually write my post! This is frustrating for me, but I live with it! :) Happy a Happy Holy Thursday!
Felicia said…
I have used both and while some of the extra features are nice on WP I had to come back to blogger.

For me it boiled down to being able to tweak my html however I wanted WITHOUT having to pay to have access to it. I don't mind paying for a domain name but they additional money on top of that *yearly!* to be able to access your html/css coding. I also found that as a 'mom blogger' more mom's are on blogger than WP and are active more via GFC then email subscriptions.

I found a lot of people who are/did/want to swap over are doing so for page rankings, which WP does help with. But if being ranked #1 isn't what is important to you (aka...if you write good content and are more worried about regular followers and etc) then it's just not worth it.

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