It was Saturday Night....

Enjoyed a wonderful Saturday with my kids and husband!  We had our 1st bonfire of the season, which means we burn the Christmas Tree and sing Christmas songs...roasted hot dogs and made smores!  Doesn't get much better!

My oldest son, Jeremy and my youngest son, Zachary.

Jeremy and his darling girlfriend!

Zachary and the neighbor girls over for smores!

Me and the hubby...

Time to have our annual burning of the Christmas Tree. We even sing Christmas songs..

Zachary practicing his Karate...he's not even in karate

 Time to get out the sparklers!

Molly says she sees better with the ski goggles on at night....LOL

Such a great day with family and friends.


Emily said…
What a fun evening!! How neat that you burn your Christmas tree and sing Christmas carols. Love the flower pics and the one fire pic is cool!

We had a fire this evening, too, but not for smores. :( We did manage to burn a couple HUGE piles that we couldn't get burned most of last year due to wind or rain.

Your family is adorable!
melismama said…
Thanks Emily, we have a good time here for sure!
Anonymous said…
What a great way to spend a Saturday night! I enjoyed seeing all the photos...such a sweet photo of you and your hubby.

We also had a fire Saturday :)
The Adventurer said…
What a great idea is this a yearly tradition for your family. Thanks for linking up to the NOBH:)
beachbaby said…
looks like such a fun evening you all had.. I am your newest follower from no ordinary blog hop.I hope you will follow back

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