Lego Mania Linky Party Come Join the Fun

My how time flies....seems like last week we were doing our Lego Mania Party but two weeks has passed already so whatcha waiting for?!  Link up your child(rens) creations and share the Lego Ideas!

All you LEGO MUST check this site out that my friend Jamie sent me the link to!

Zachary's Lego Tour Boat!

You're Next....


Tracy said…
I will link up on Thursday to display some of the creations my kids made for the LEGO Quest challenge. Love those LEGO Bedrooms and house! WOW! Thanks for sharing another LEGO link up on NOBH!
Thanks for the lego link. The guy who is featured in that house article is on the car show we watch on BBC. Just forwarded it to my hubby. I'll be linking up tomorrow too...will be out all day today.
Tracy said…
I just saw that I didn't comment on your son's cool boat! He did a great job with this design! Thanks for sharing! :)
Great boat. We just linked up. :)
Michele said…
That is a great boat! Thanks for linking up last week!

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