Ahh...Summer Week off!

So we are already off to a great start of our week off for Summer Break!  Molly had her final ballet class before the recital next weekend (she is not in it 8(   she joined the class too late, next year though)...then off to meet up with friends at the local Farm Market!  

"Free dance' at the end of each class...

Molly & Miss Eve

Big chair huh!

1st roses off the bushes!

Now back into the air conditioned house and cleaning time!  Hope everyone is enjoying the day..I NEED to catch up on my bloggy friends and their blogs! 


Jamie said…
Cute pics,i need to catch-up on lots.SCRAPBOOKING-still back into last year and blogging as well.
Anne Galivan said…
You're only taking one week off?!

Yeah, I know a lot of home-schoolers these days think you need to keep at it or the kids forget everything.

My policy is I take the ENTIRE summer off not for my kids but for me! I've been home-schooling for over 20 years and if I don't get a break to catch up on some reading and household chores I'll go crazy.

And as a 20-year veteran with two college grad kids I can tell you that taking the summer off will not hurt the kids.

But if it works for you more power to you! I just don't see how home-schooling moms do it without more of a break than that.

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