Flag & Memorial Day teachings

Today in school we learned about the history of the American Flag and also Memorial day.  We continued our ant study as well.

Kids had to put in order the stages of the ant grow.

Learned how each ant has a job and how many different kind of ants live
in the colonies.

The White House - discussion on what it is...who lives there...and why

Quick update - some of our Ladybug Larva have turned into Pupas!

Our Memorial Day song for the week. (tune of Are you Sleeping)

Always fun with Scholastic!

Sun Scholar Summer Program - Animal Week!

Kids trying to write without the use of their thumbs. We learned that we are primates
like the Gorillas and that they have thumbs and fingers just like us.

The banging of the chest wards off other gorillas.

Kids assignment was to draw a poster of a Lost Animal.
Zachary did our cat, Job (sound with long O like in the Bible)

Molly did a cow named Molly.lol

We are finishing up full time school this week and heading into our Summer School Schedule!

Working on a Memorial Day Party also....


Lindsay said…
What a great day! I love the trying to write w/o thumbs activity!
Michelle said…
Looks like you did a lot and had fun too!!
Mary said…
I am in awe of you Melissa! You do some great stuff with your kiddos!
You had a busy week! Lady bug larvae sound intriguing.
JDaniel4's Mom said…
The thumb activity sounds like fun! I love you the ants community was compared to the human one.

Thanks for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

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