Honeybees Continued & a FREEBIE!

Don't you always love it when you find a GREAT piece of curriculum and it's FREE!  Well I hit the jackpot today with this! Get the Buzz on Honeybees  its the entire honeybee lesson plans with all printables and fun stuff for FREE. Scholastic has teamed up with The Bee Movie and provided this awesome lesson!  We started it today and I learned to much in just 30 mins!  If you are thinking on studying honeybees at all this next year or summertime, I would suggest going there!  You can print out the printables, maps and information. A glossary is also provided!  You will have a blast with this.  You can use it for preschoolers on up!  My 4 yr old loved it as well as my 6 yr old. 

Ok on to our lesson today....
Molly working on her letter "B"

She is finding the matching pairs

Zachary working on one of the BEE MOVIE Themed Honeybee Worksheets
All about terminology

Molly working on the map to show me where honeybees live (all 50 states)

Rhyming words match-up

Started our Week 3 with our Sun Scholar Program. Today we started
the MAIL unit.  Kids had to mark off on the map where our
mail came from today and then graph the types of mail we received!
(friends, I can't say enough positive things about this program - 12 weeks for $ 50 - SO WORTH IT)

Good thing we had lots of mail today and from all over the U.S.

Happy Dance that our new subscription to Nat Geo came today - bonus - 2 of them!  
I snagged this subscription when it was $ 10 for the entire year on Amazon!  
Already see a unit study on Ants which is next week!


Kristy said…
Love to find things like this! Thank you for sharing! Looks like you had a great time!
Terri said…
We JUST finished a unit on honeybees, but the kids are still asking questions. Even though our school year has ended, I know they would love this! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm now a follower. :) Have a great day!
Tina said…
Good stuff! Even though we are not homeschooling, I keep borrowing ideas for things to do with the boys. And they're still young enough to think it's just FUN! :)

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