Honeybees Lesson

Today for school we started our Unit study on Honeybees

 Very interesting insects for sure!  Did you know that a single (female) worker honeybee can visit up to 10,000 flowers each day!  The males (drones) don't sting you, but watch out for those females! 

Zachary drawing a hexagon recreating a honeycomb.
(My 4 yr old wrote Zachary's name above it...)

Parts of the bee

Preschool - color the honeybee

Started reading today...

Bug maze

Can't wait to see what we learn tomorrow....


Anonymous said…
Fantastic to learn about honeybees! My Dad was a beekeeper!
May I suggest a Youtube channel that has a few excellent video clips teaching about honeybees that we've used in our homeschool study of honeybees.

Science Online - http://youtu.be/sSk_ev1eZec
Michelle said…
Great job!! Our children's museum just had a bee exhibit, the kids really loved it!
Anonymous said…
What a great start to the honeybee week.. is there an easy way to tell the difference between the male and female honeybees?
melismama said…
Lindsay - you almost never see the Males, they are in the hive taking care of the queen
Shauna said…
Thanks for linking up to My Shae Noel's "All Things Wonderful" link party. Great ideas and activities. Love it! Hope to see you again!

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