HSV Garden Challenge Link UP #3

Joining all my friends over at The Homeschool Village for
 the 3rd Garden Challenge Link Up!  

It's no wonder with all our rain that our plants have done anything but swim!  The kids are excited to see their plants blossoming and reaching for the sun! 

Sadly our eggshell experiment, where we planted the seeds in the shells to be able to 
just plant into the ground, died 8(  Too much water...

We are hoping to get to planting our herbs this weekend, if time allows. 
Taking a trip today to our local Farmers Market for a picnic lunch with 

Last Summer at the market Zachary was chatting it up about Alpaca yarn and how it's made.

Last years harvest each week!  YUMMO!


Michelle said…
I've been worried about the rain for our container gardens too!!! So far some have faired well, while others not-so-much :(
Tracy said…
Looks great Melissa! :) So glad you've had the rain to make your garden grow, but unfortunately swim at the same time :( Veggies look yummy!
Lindsay said…
Looks like most things are doing pretty good w/ the crazy rain we have all gotten! Boo on the experimental plants dying.
musicalmary said…
I love reading your posts -- you exude happiness!
Zonnah said…
If those pots were on my railing the cats would have knocked them over, lol. They look good :)

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