S'more Pops Tutorial

This has to be one of the easiest delicious yummy pops to make for the Summer parties!  I made them for the first time for the Memorial Day Party and now again for tonight's Mom's Night In (Out for me).  One of the ladies from the party last week is hosting this week.  


What you need:

Marshmallows (I used the big campfire ones, but any size would do)
Melting chocolate
Graham Crackers

1.  Smash up your graham crackers in a baggie (great for the kids to do) until
very small crumbs.
2.  take your marshmallows and put a stick in the middle
3. melt your chocolate (I use the wafers you get at the craft stores)

Take a stick, push into your marshmallow
Dip your marshmallow into the chocolate
Dip that into the crushed graham crackers
put on a tray (chill if not eating for a while)

5 mins...done!  Great for parties, by the campfire or just


hey said…
My goodness, my children will love these. We just celebrated my son's birthday. Too bad we didn't have this recipe. Maybe we'll do them for my daughter's birthday in Nov. Last year we did real smores on a fire. The kiddos loved it.

Great to have you over at waddleeahchaa.com. Come back every week. We highlight and give away great children's literature every week! Our goal is to get books into the hands of children.
Lisa said…
Jamie said…
YUM! i love S'mores and these look much "cleaner" and scrumptious!!!

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