Team WORK & Pizza Making

No one knows the phrase "There is no I in teamwork" more than ANTS do.  We found a fabulous ant colony under a piece of play-yard equipment and JACKPOT!  

Just check out all the larva....

Ants are working quickly together to carry them all underground...

Fast work

In LESS than 1 minute they all but 1 larva left to bring down...amazing! If we could all 
work for efficiently!

Ok now on to lunch....LOL

Make Your Own Pizza's today!

Girls love this!

They are Plain Jane gals...but still have a blast!


Rcj176 said…
what kind of pizza crust are you using?
Krissy W. said…
Those ant pictures are amazing!!! Incredible how they work so efficiently to get their job done.
Michelle said…
we love DIY pizza!!!
I had the same question about the crust. And yuck, but cool about the ants. ;)
melismama said…
This crust happens to be the premade crust you find in the refrig section. In our store it around the cheeses. We love to make our own in our bread maker, but for quick fixes we have these on hand.
Krysten said…
Thanks for the follow! CUTE blog!

Krystenn {Clickable Party}
raja said…
congrats! keep up the good work/this is a great presentation.

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