A potpourri of thoughts...


Happy Sunday all...it's been a potpourri of a weekend so far.....Friday had to take Zachary to the dr to get his ears checked, it seems it was not hearing us very well and turns out, inner ear infection...sigh....Friday night was a great night as I had a few gal pals over and threw a dinner party....tons of fun....Saturday was Zachary's "real" birthday....my SLR Nikon 3100 camera (as you know I take a few pictures here and there) broke and is being sent back to NIKON (NOT HAPPY)....Told the kIds we are going to DISNEY (2 weeks from today!)....went to Applebees for Zachary's birthday dinner...Sammie threw up her dinner all over me, herself and the table...cut that short... continued with the throwing up until 11ish at night...in between clean ups...I got a phone call from my dad's girlfriend (they live in N.C.) that my father had a heart attack and is in the hospital...stable...(has had a history of attacks and surgeries over the last 4.5 years)..sigh....tomorrow I am co-hosting (at our home) a Carnival for a Cause - raising donations for school supplies for the homeless and families in need in our school district....(with no great camera I might add for pictures)...which brings me to right now....getting ready to go to church then come home to do more work on the carnival....

So please keep my father, Jack, in your prayers....pray for no rain for our carnival...pray I get thru the next few weeks in 1 piece....I have 1 more event that I am planning - Backyard Camp out - which will be a few days before we leave for Orlando...and then no parties until Halloween...need a break!

a few pics from my dinner party.....

LITTLE TIP - I made Italian and used some of the extra basil leaves/stems to help 
add some substance to the roses that I picked from our rose bush...themey, smelled great 
and great way to recycle!

Great Sangria punch....tried a new recipe...1/2 grapefruit juice (squeeze fresh) into the bottom, 1/2 lime juice (squeeze fresh) into the bottom, 2 cups ginger ale, 2 cups of  tequila and 1 bottle of raspberry Prosecco (sparkling champagne)  Oh so good!

Used my "winnings"...Rainbow Petal Boxes from Party Starters...I won these cute boxes in a giveaway! I filled with some bracelets and a little bottle of scented hand sanitizer..
Thank you Tag was from FREE Printables at The TomKat Studio.


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