Birthday week continues & some community service

It's our son's 7th birthday at the end of this week (the 30th to be exact) and we kicked off the "Birthday Week" with a Backyard Birthday Beach Bash... in case you missed it HERE is the link.   

Today is a rainy day and perfect for Phase II of the Birthday Week!  We went to Toys R Us to spend his $ 85 in TRU gift cards and then to Friendly's for lunch (he had a FREE lunch coupon for being in the Friendly's Birthday Club)....BUT FIRST we had to stop at our favorite supply store and purchase some school supplies to donate at our Carnival for a Cause (which is a week from today). A group of local mom's and myself and putting on a carnival for inviting guests and the "entry" fee are school supply donations to be donated to some homeless families in our area....

Here is what we were able to snag (boy the sale stuff goes quick there!)

Most of the supplies were either .50 or 1.00  so we did not even have to break
the bank to help out others in need!  

On to Toys R Us.....of course we had to get the FREE birthday balloon and crown...and they announce the child's name over the speaker so others can wish him a 
happy birthday also...

how'd I know...LEGOS...geezzz

Even I got some great deals today....Crayola was all BOGO! 

Off to Friendly's....

This is one of the coolest presents he got over the weekend...a LEGO calendar
he has to change each mother found it at the LEGO store in
Manhattan!  He loves it...can't hurt that a little learning is thrown
in there too!

I can't believe it's the end of July already....Summer....wizin' by!


Honest Mommy said…
Great Day...We love Friendly's too!! YUMMY:)
Lindsay said…
What a wonderful day full of celebrating!
Tina said…
Awesome day! Glad he made some good use of those GC's! We found some good deals at Target too....24 pack of Crayola crayons for 40 cents! Got a bunch of em.
Crisc said…
Great day and awesome ice cream! Please for forgive this random question but I feel like your site is where I may have seen what I'm looking for. I was in NYC this past weekend and while on the subway I seen a girl who looked super familiar. She said she was Cinderella for Princess parties around NY..By any chance have you had one of these princess parties?
Hope he had a great bday! We've done the TRU birthday thing too. We missed out this year though. And I love that lego calendar. Very neat.

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