Bronx Zoo Field Trip

Some of you might remember that I have a friend who recently lost her husband and you were all praying for them..We invited them to be our guests today and join us on our field trip to the Bronx Zoo and boy did we have fun!

Zachary (her Zachary, not mine) and Zoe is his sister


Molly and momma Mel

This was made entirely of LEGOS!

Buds...the Gorilla behind them was made entirely of LEGOS!

The Alpaca spit at Cheryl...LOL

Cheryl and Zoe...

We had a great day....swam afterwards and exhausted...but gearing
up to go out for some Mexican food and a few cocktails with
some gal pals...

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend all!

Chestnut Grove Academy Field Trip Friday Blog Hop


Jen said…
Looks like fun! Would love if you linked up with my Field Trip Friday Blog Hop
Rebecca said…
What a GREAT day! I love seeing you with your little ones! The Owl/Giraffe...amazing creatures, aren't they! Rec something very sweet and bubbly in the mail....Thank you!!!
The Adventurer said…
I love what people do with Legos. I can't get my kids to play with them tho which is disappointing. I still have your friends in my prayers and now I can put a face to the children and the Mom. Have a great weekend!
Mommarazzi said…
nice shots! love the lego giraffe! Maris would have bugged out! haha
Tina said…
Great pics as usual. Z must have been loving those Lego creations!
Jen said…
Thanks for linking up!! :D

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