Buggin' out today

It was a creepy crawly kinda day....we went to a 3rd birthday party for my gal pal, Dawn's, son, Max...(Dawn blogs over at Honest Family Living... hysterical real life adventures) and the theme was BUGS!  Very cute party and be sure to check out our last picture!
  (in between the party and coming home, of course it was Farmers Market day!)

Ants on a log and PB&J Butterfly sandwiches!

Look at that dirt cake...all bugged out!

EEWWW  a bug on her sandwich...

making our bug catchers for the big bug hunt!

Frannie girl...just wondering what was buggin her...lol

The Birthday Boy, Max...time for the outdoor bug hunt (with plastic bugs)

When we arrived home, getting our mail this grasshopper was just waiting for me to snap
his picture....he must have known he was bugging me, cause he hopped away quickly...


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